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Time to consult on Ward River Valley Park plan, says councillor

Time to consult on Ward A local Fianna Fáil councillor has called for public consultation on Ward River Valley Park, a project for which he said councillors have waited 'years' to start.

Cllr Darragh Butler, tabling his motion at a recent Local Area Committee meeting, said that public consultation would allow members of the public to put forward their ideas and suggestions for plans for Ward River Valley Park and would cover from Knocksedan Bridge to Church Road, Swords.

Cllr Butler said the project 'cannot be delayed any longer and needs dedicated staff to be allocated.'

A report issued by the council in response to Cllr Butler's motion stated the procurement of the necessary works for the construction of the all-weather pitch and associated car parking in the Ward River Valley Park is 'currently nearing completion', and it is anticipated that construction work will proceed later this year.

Initial work on the brief for the Development Plan for the regional park has commenced and this planning work will be advanced when previously mentioned procurement work is completed.

As soon as the relevant consultants are appointed an extensive programme of public engagement will commence, the report concluded.

River Valley Park plan, says councillor


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