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Councillor will ‘cartwheel down Main Street’ if Dublin MetroLink is built before 2031

A Fianna Fail councillor has said that he will “cartwheel down Main Street” if Metro is built before 2031.

Swords councillor Darragh Butler wants to get the MetroLink plans back on track, and hopes that the planning application will go ahead next year.

Cllr Butler told the Fingal Independent : “MetroLink has been in the news quite a lot in recent days and weeks and unlike the national media and many other commentators, I would like to take the positives out of what was announced.

“The good news is that the planning application should go in next year, 2022, better late than never and depending on permission being granted, if work could then potentially start by 2025 with a delivery as early as 2031.

“That would be as good as we could hope for at this stage and I’d do cartwheels down Swords Main Street if this could be delivered as media reports back in October were saying 2034 or later.

“The positive news is that MetroLink remains a committed part of the National Development Plan and I will continue to work as hard as I can to get this project back on track and delivered as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, the Dublin MetroLink project was postponed for another decade last week.

The National Transport Authority published a new draft strategy last Tuesday that showed the proposed underground train line linking the city to Dublin Airport will be majorly delayed.


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